Q: Are the children available for foreign adoption?

A: Adoptions are not practical in Mexico for two reasons.  The first is that Mexican Laws discourage it. Each of the 31 states within the Republic of Mexico has its own civil code governing adoptions. The second is that almost all of Hogar’s children have family ties somewhere in Mexico including siblings. In Mexico, one's primary responsibility is to the family, both immediate and extended. To relinquish a child for adoption would be admitting failure of a cultural mandate.

Q: How long will the children stay in the home?

A: This is their home; this is their new family where they can feel safe and loved with their many brothers and sisters. The hope is that they will always feel wanted and loved and are not waiting for someone to come and rescue them.

They will stay here until they have completed basic education preferably through Preparatory school (high school plus some).  At that time they will be given the opportunity to attend a university or another form of education. The goal is for them to be successful contributors to society.

Q. Can I volunteer?

A: Yes, you can. Volunteers make up a very important part of Hogar Infantil’s care givers, as each volunteer comes with their unique skills and qualities that they can share with our children. We welcome all that can come and teach, love, and help our children gain new skills and a further appreciation for many cultures and caring people. Some Spanish skills are needed. Fluency is not a requirement.

A: If you are interested in volunteering - please view our volunteer site to contact our Director of Volunteers to learn more.  Go to Volunteer info

Q: Does the home need supplies?

A: Yes, material donations are very welcome...the only issue is getting the supplies to the home. As the postal system is not always reliable, and to send collected goods down through FedEx or the like is expensive. Usually customs duty is required on imported items.

What various groups have done successfully is collected goods, had a rummage sale, and then the money raised has been sent to Hogar Infantil. Then the new clothing, toys, or supplies are purchased in Mexico with this donation.

During the year and especially around Christmas friends, directors, and officers from the US travel to Hogar and are able to take down a limited amount of used clothing and gifts. See the contact us page for an address for material donations.

Q: May I sponsor a child?

A: Hogar Infantil’s motto is “A Place of Sharing”. Sponsorship of an individual child creates inequality among the children. It isn’t always constant and even, therefore it is not encouraged. You may want to communicate with a particular child. This can be arranged through the ranch directors.

We do accept designated funds for the higher education of worthy students who would not be able to attend a university or trade school without it. Please contact us if you would like to help in this way.

Q. Are visitors welcome?

A: Visitors are most welcome at Hogar and a visit is a very moving experience. Flights connect from Mexico City to Tuxtla Gutierrez, and the service is excellent. Ground transportation and rental cars are available. Sometimes we can pick you up. Hotels range from modest to four star. Chiapas is safe for the prudent traveler and has had little or none of the violence seen in other parts of Mexico.

Chiapas is full of beauty, relaxation, and exciting things to do from beautiful Pacific beaches to alpine mountains. Please surf the Internet and contact us for help in planning your trip.  Estamos a su servicio.




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